6 Best Resistance Band Workouts

Resistance band workouts are best if your body requires toning. It is best to add it to your strength training workout routines as it comes in various sizes and resistance levels. 

If you are addicted to workouts but also require moving from place to place, resistance band workouts will suit you the most as these bands are also portable, unlike other gym machinery.

There are various types of resistance band workouts you can do wherever you want. This band workout article is for gym lovers. You will learn the benefits and six types of these resistance band workouts.

Let’s start! 

Why Are Resistance Band Workouts Essential?

Resistance band workouts can turn out as essential as ashtanga yoga. The benefits of these band workouts are:

  • It prevents the risk of injury.
  • It helps in the improvement of your form.
  • This allows you to target the training of your smaller group of muscles.
  •  It adds to your collection of workouts.
  • That is a cheap workout method with maximum results.
  • These resistance bands are lightweight.
  • You can easily carry it wherever to wish to move.

6 Types Of Resistance Band Workouts:

1.      Front Squat

  • If you wish to work on your thighs or hips, the front squat is the workout in resistance bands. Follow the points below to carry out the front squat:
  • Place the resistance band under your feet.
  • Take the other band part and stretch it upwards to ensure you stand inside the resistance band.
  • Both the corners of the band should be equal to your shoulders.
  • Now you must bend down as if pretending to sit on a chair. 
  • After bending in this position, you must move back up to ensure standing.
  • Repeat this up & down exercise with the resistance band more than eight times if possible. 

2.     Glute Bridge

Do you know about muscles at the backside of your buttocks? These are glute muscles. So to perform a workout for your hips, follow the instructions for the glute bridge exercise:

  • Start with taking the resistance band and wrapping it around your legs.
  • This band should be over the knees covering both your legs.
  • Now lie down on the floor or a yoga mat. It will help if you have something under you as people require yoga mats for yoga poses.
  • Bend your knees to make a right angle of ninety degrees. 
  • Once in this position, move your hips up in the air while your feet touch the floor. 
  • Ensure to keep your hands on the floor while you contract your glutes.
  • Now bring it back towards the floor.
  • Perform this exercise fifteen to eighteen times if possible.

3.     Standing Adduction

Do you want to have heavy hips? Standing adduction is the exercise for you as it is easy and effective. A few standing adduction resistance band workout instructions to follow are:

  • Tie your resistance band to a walk through a nail or any object. Make sure to tie to your feet levels.
  • Now take your right foot and add the other side of the band to it. It will look as if you are stretching your feet away from the wall, but the band is making the resistance.
  • Now, wrap this band on your feet and move towards and over your left feet.
  • As you step away from the wall, it will create tension as the band will force your feet towards the wall.
  • Now slowly move your leg towards the walls.
  • Repeat this exercise twelve to fourteen times for effective results.

4.     Lateral Band Walk

You can consider the lateral band walks for your lower body. Follow these resistance band instructions for lateral band walk:

  • Get your legs inside the resistance band. 
  • Make sure the band is below your knees and above your feet. Slightly towards your feet than the knee ensuring it is towards your ankles. 
  • Now move your feet apart from one another.
  • This distance will create tension as the resistance band will be stretching.
  • Maintain this position and start shifting the weight of your body towards one side.
  • To make it easy to understand means having to walk while maintaining this distance.
  • Ensure taking at least eight steps on one side and the exact count on the other. 

5.     Concentration Curl

Do you wish to have muscular biceps? A concentration curl workout can turn out best for you as you will require only a resistance band and a few instructions, which are:

  • Firstly, sit on the chair.
  • Then,  place your feet forward where your legs are apart.
  • Now, make sure the resistance band is under your feet.
  • Grab the resistance band from the outside area of your feet and pull it towards your arm in an opposite direction.
  • In simpler words, grab and pull the band of left feet from your right hand while you rest your left hand on your left knee. 
  • When you pull this band towards your shoulder, it will create tension by squeezing your biceps.
  • Switch sides and repeat this pulling process at least eight times for one side. 

6.     Kneeling Crunch

If you wish to strengthen your core, follow these kneeling crunch workout steps:

  • Tie the band to your door at the top.
  • Hold the other end in front while you sit with your folded knees in the front and back towards the door. 
  • Now pull the resistance band over your shoulder in the opposite downwards direction. 
  • Then move back.
  • Repeat this at least ten times before you stop. 

Final Words: Resistance Band Workouts

If you wish to perform workouts with light machinery or avoid going to the gym, consider doing resistance band workouts.

This resistance band article is the best newbie workout guide as it explains the importance and a few ways of performing.

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