Most of us are of the opinion that IQ level or intelligence level is something that is inborn and cannon be changed. However, you would be awestruck to know that this is nothing more than a myth, the intelligence levels are flexible, and you can definitely work on increasing your IQ level. 

The human brain is not something rigid, there is always a probability to amend and change things. If your brain test level is 140, it does not mean that you cannot increase it. You can always work on increasing the intelligence level of your brain, and in this blog, we will talk exactly about that.

What is IQ Level?

Intelligence Quotient is basically the measure of how intelligent a person is. It measures the brain’s potential and capability and gives you a score according to your intelligence levels. The test and the testing system are administered by reputed psychologists, those who have knowledge of mental health and know about human psychology.

You will find many online applications which promise you to provide your true intelligence, but they are not as accurate as of the tests that your psychologists conduct in order to measure your Intelligence Quotient level.

How to Increase the Intelligence Level?

We are well aware of the fact that putting some muscle under stress helps us build that muscle, and increase its endurance as well as strength. The same goes for the brain; you can change your intelligence level, and boost your IQ level by putting your brain under a series of small tests that will help you I boosting your intelligence. Here are some of the ways approved by scientific research, which help you in boosting your IQ level;

Play Chess

Chess has been the game of royalty. You might have seen royals play chess in movies and films. Chess is a very special game that activates both the sides of your brain and by doing so improves your concentration, as well as builds different skills.

Do you know what was different about the brain of Einstein? Well, his Corpus Callosum was well-developed. Now, what is Corpus Callosum? It is the part of the brain, which act as the junction or a connection between the two hemispheres of the brain.

A well-developed Corpus Callosum means that a person is capable of using both the hemispheres of his brain and hence is smart and sharper than others. Chess helps you use your entire brain at the same time, helping you build your intelligence level.


Aerobics has proved to play an incredible role in building intelligence and the IQ level of the brain. Cardiovascular fitness acts as an important factor in determining the growth and capability of your brain and increasing your intelligence level.

Aerobic exercises not only help you in staying fit but also help you keep a good cardiovascular fitness by working on your cardiovascular endurance. Good cardiovascular functionality and fitness help you maintain a good booster of IQ levels.

Frequent Reading

Cognitive abilities and their development is the main factor that actually increases your intelligence. Researchers are of the opinion that if a parent reads books to his child or infant, that child happens to develop cognitive abilities quickly, and more efficiently.

Reading habits play a vital role in increasing your information as well as widening the horizons of your thinking. Frequent reading helps built your cognitive skills, and boosts your learning process activating your brain, ultimately increasing your intelligence level.

Memory Activities

Researchers have been using memory test and quizzes to explore how the memory of language and objects impact the critical thinking of your brain. Memory quizzes also proved that they help boost your control of a certain language as well as the objects around you.

Language, as well as critical reasoning, is used as the measure to check the intelligence levels of a being, so, it is very beneficial to use memory games and activities to boost your intelligence level, your critical thinking, as well as getting a good grip on the language.

Some of the common memory games are Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, etc. You can develop a habit of playing memory games by giving them some time of your day, and in return, they will help you in boosting your IQ level.

Executive Function and Control Activities

Fluid reasoning is a part of Intelligence, and it can be achieved only when you have strong cognitive capabilities. In order to get a good grip of complex cognitive activities, you need the help of the executive function and the executive control activities, which help boost your cognitive function.

Executive control training is an important aspect in building the complex cognitive control of a person, and the training requires you to perform the activities continuously. The activities that fall under the category of cognitive executive control are; Scrabble, Brainteasers, Pictionary, etc.


Cognition and innovativeness are deemed as parts of intelligence. Your cognitive skills and cognitive thinking play a great role in determining your intelligence levels. Meditation has proved to be a great means of improving and increasing the cognitive functioning of your brain, which in return helps your boost your intelligence level. Meditation helps your brain relax, and meditate and as result, it is able to think ingeniously and innovatively.


We don’t give much attention to our sleeping cycle, but it too plays a great role in boosting your intelligence levels. This is such an important factor that if you lose an hour’s or two hours’ sleep every day, you will become mentally retarded someday, and your brain won’t be able to function as innovatively as before. So, it is important to keep a track of your sleeping cycles, so that you don’t lose your intelligence.

New Languages

Neuroscience has declared learning new languages as a process that boosts your cognitive abilities and helps your brain grow faster. Learning a new language is not an easy process, it is definitely not like playing some brain game. You have to go through all the grammatical as well as the cultural rules and regulations in order to learn the new language.

Learning new languages activates the critical reasoning and thinking of your brain and in returns helps to grow your Hippocampus. Once you are able to read and write a totally new language, your brain has already developed a keen sense of logical reasoning and cortical thinking, which boost your intelligence levels a great deal.

Over to you!

The human brain is not as complex as we think, nor is developing new skills. Our brain picks up everything we try to feed in it, which shows its ability to develop according to us. All the ways written above will only be beneficial when you try them out which will give your brain the time for cortical thinking and cognitive reasoning. 

The human brain is not something rigid and it always welcomes new skills. Training your brain is not difficult at all. Start with the things that interest you the most and then perform the activity with full attention and concentration. Let your brain grow while you can. Put your brain under the stress of cognitive reasoning and cortical thinking to increase its intelligence as you do in building the strength of the muscles.

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