Imperfect Foods; Foods That You Think Are Healthy But They Are Not

In our lives, there are quite a few things that we think are beneficial for us but turns out that they are not and they are actually more harmful than beneficial. Just like imperfect foods

It does not necessarily have to be anything that you eat but it could be anything that you like thinking will affect you in a good way but what happens is the exact opposite of that.

Now, when it comes to this article, in this article we are going to break the myth that is attached to some of the foods.

Again, when it comes to eating we think that there are a lot of foods that will turn out to be healthy for you especially when you are on a diet or something but they actually are not.

We are going to discuss in this article some imperfect foods that people think are very healthy to consume but are not healthy.

We will break it to you that these are less nutritious and more poisonous so before you think you are eating healthy, you must know that you are not.

Granola: Imperfect Foods

Now, the first food that we are going to discuss is the granola or also the bars that come that everybody thinks is extremely healthy and nutritious but in fact, it is not.

Even though it is true that granola is healthy and it has some nutritious benefits but it does not really make it a healthy food.

We know that it consists of some nutritious stuff inside but it has more calories than the benefit that it is going to give you.

So, yes if you have been having it in your diet thinking that it is healthy, we are so sorry to break it to you that you are thinking very wrong.

Protein bars or drinks:

Now the second thing that has the most misconceptions about is the protein in their everyday diet or food.

A lot of people who are dieting or working out think that the more protein they take, the healthier it is going to be for them but unfortunately it is not true.

If you want to take these proteins, you should try and get them from natural things like eggs, etc., and not these protein bars.

People, who are vegans can consume these things to get some extra protein. For others who are non-vegetarians, it is of no use to do this with your health.


The next thing that we are going to talk about is going to break so many people’s hearts and it might be more hurtful than their breakup because they have this blind trust in cereals.

We are again very sorry to announce, that the cereals do not come under the category of healthy. These are made with some refined products and they are not healthy for you in any way.

If you are taking it in a normal way then it can be tolerated to some extent but an extra amount of it is very healthy and you should not go gaga over it.

If you take them because you like them then it is okay, but if you take them thinking they are healthy then unfortunately they are not.

Flavored yogurt:

Now, yogurt we know is a very healthy choice to make when you are starting to eat healthily but always try and have the unsweetened version of it.

The ones that come with extra flavor have definitely a lot of extra sugar that is not healthy for you and it is obviously not made of the original flavor.

If you are having a strawberry flavored yogurt do not be confused with it having the original fruit because what you are going to have is filled with flavor and that is all.

This flavor is going to have so many extra preservatives that are very unhealthy and you should definitely avoid this version of yogurt.

Sushi: Imperfect Foods

There are a lot of people that you are going to meet who are very fond of eating sushi thinking that it is going to be the healthiest choice.

Well, just like all the food myths that we have broken down to you above, this one is also going to be the exact same thing.

Yes, as far as the fish is concerned, it is pretty healthy but when it comes to eating it filled with rice and then mixing it with the soy sauce, it is not a very healthy choice to make.

When you are eating sushi like that, you should know that you are taking a lot of carbohydrates, and sodium which is not going to be healthy for you.

So, yes, if you think sushi is going to change your life, then sit down, and relax because it is not.

Vitamin water:

You might have heard about it or you might have not because it has not yet gained that much popularity and we are extremely happy about that.

Yes, water in everyday life is required, also yes, vitamins are also very important but what you need to know is that these two combined together are not a healthy choice.

When you are drinking the vitamin-filled water, you are not really gaining the benefits of either vitamins or water rather you are just swallowing some extra bit of sugar.

If you need vitamins, you can easily get them through the food and if you are in need of more of them then switch to the multivitamins that are not filled with any sugar.

These are some of the foods out of so many more that people consume thinking that they are healthy but unfortunately they are not and you really need to get rid of all of these.

If you take these imperfect foods here and there for fun, or to just taste them then it is okay, but never take them thinking they are going to make a positive change in your life because they are NOT.

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