Vinyasa yoga 2022: Everything You Need To Know

What to know about Vinyasa yoga? Moving on from pose to pose without a break is Vinaya yoga. The only thing in common is your breath, as it has to move smoothly with the moving yoga pose.

You can also call it a dynamic flow of movements. The more you read about vinyasa yoga, the more you wish to try it out and become part of your routines. Who doesn’t like their body to flow with the flowing breathing as smooth as air?

If you want to know about the benefits and more about vinyasa yoga, this Vinaya yoga article is for you as it will complete your knowledge.

Let’s start!

The Benefits Of Vinyasa Yoga

We all know how yoga poses work for us and how beneficial they are in our health. Some of the vinyasa yoga benefits to look for are:

  • If you want your fitness levels to enhance, consider visiting vinyasa yoga.
  • Vinyasa yoga will make you strong, and it will also help your body become stable.
  • Vinyasa yoga helps you build the strength of your muscle. You do not have to perform separate mini-workouts as it is a workout itself. 
  • You do not have to do separate cardio if you perform this yoga, as Vinyasa yoga is cardia itself.
  • If you prefer to increase your flexibility and mental health, Vinyasa yoga will help you achieve it.
  • The enhancement of the connection between your body and your mind with the connecting of your breath happens through Vinyasa yoga.
  • If you are always busy in your world, consider Vinyasa yoga as it will give peace to your mind and relax it so you can perform better every day.
  • If you have trouble sleeping or have sleepless nights, Vinyasa yoga is essential to improving your sleep.
  • Vinyasa yoga also helps to enhance your emotional stability.

Vinyasa Yoga For Beginners

Beginners can start with Vinyasa yoga through mountain pose. You can also call it upwards salute. No pose can be as simple as this mountain pose as you have to move to hands upwards towards your head while inhaling slowly.

Once the hands reach up, you have to move them downwards, slowly towards your chest. Repeat this step five times and ensure to become slower each time than before.

Now you can move on to the next Vinyasa yoga pose; an upwards salute with a half-moon. This pose is all about opening your body sideways. Ensure that you hold the opening of each side for some breaths.

You can continue the Vinyasa yoga with a forward fold. Inhale slowly, move your hands towards your thigh, and reach as low as possible. Now, you can make a right angle through your body and lift your hips in the air with your face near the floor.

To make your Vinyasa yoga flow smoother, you can continue with more poses like a low lunge. In this pose, you have to split your legs, move your arms forward while inhaling, and then move them back while exhaling.

Make sure to repeat it three times to become more consistent and flowy. You can carry on with Vinyasa yoga poses as many as possible to get all the benefits of Vinyasa yoga.

vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa Yoga Vs Ashtanga

In Ashtanga, there is a set of sequences as teaching only one pattern is there at a particular time, whereas in Vinyasa, there is no set of sequences as the practices can be different from another.

If you prefer to repeat the postures, Ashtanga yoga is the best form of yoga for you as in it you can repeat each pose every other day. It is a way to have various postures and be good at them as you are repeating them.

The permanent thing in Vinyasa yoga form is your breath, as this form of yoga is all about the control and flow of your breath instead of the poses.

Vinyasa Yoga Near Me

As many people are looking for fast food near me, healthier ones look for Vinyasa yoga near me. Some of the Vinyasa yoga near me places are:

  • I Am Yoga Studio

This yoga studio is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The address of this yoga studio is two-six-three-three E fifteenth St suite d, Tulsa, OK, seven-four-one-zero-four. You can book your yoga appointments at

This Yoga Studio has the experience and has been in the yoga business for more than five years. It also gives online yoga classes you prefer to do yoga at home.

  • Midtown Yoga Owasso

This yoga studio is in Owasso, Oklahoma. The address of this yoga studio is eight-eight-zer0-five N one-forty-fifth E Ave #203, Owasso, OK, seven-four-zero-five-five.

This Midtown Yoga Studio has the experience and has been in the yoga business for more than five years. It has twelve reviews and shuts at six-forty-five pm every day. Vinyasa Yoga Calaries

Various yogas can burn different amounts of calories. Some of the yogas and their calories are:

  • Vinyasa yoga can burn four-seventy-two kilocalories every hour if you weigh one-eighty pounds. You can also use a Vinyasa yoga calculator to know how much time is best for your weight.
  • You can burn from one-eighty to two-twenty calories every hour through hatha yoga.
  • You can burn from three-fifty to four-fifty calories every hour through Bikram yoga.
  • You can burn from two fifty to three-fifty calories every hour through Ashtanga yoga.
  • You can burn from four hundred to five hundred calories every hour through vinyasa yoga.
  • You can burn from one-sixty to two hundred calories every hour in Iyengar yoga.

Final Words: Vinyasa Yoga Guide

Doing yoga can have many benefits in our lives, such as the benefits of Vinyasa yoga above in this yoga article. If you are a beginner in yoga, this Vinyasa yoga article is all you need to know about the yoga benefits and how to perform it as a beginner.

Best of luck with your Vinyasa yoga!

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