Why Everyone Must Have Universal Health Care Coverage

Every year on December 12th, World Health Care is celebrated in almost all countries, but not all of us are aware of the term ‘universal health care.’ We are not aware of what it means, what are the rights of people, as well as what measures the government needs to take to provide health care to its people?

Universal health care implies any action that the government of a region takes, in order to provide health care facilities to its population. There are different principles that different governments follow when it comes to universal health care, some target all the population, while others set standards to avail this facility.

Why is Universal Health Care Important? Well, it is important, because not everybody can afford regular medical checkups or afford the medical prescriptions. This facility gives access to all the population of the country or the region to access health care, and avail the medical services without facing financial problems.

There are many people in the world who face financial hardships even when availing of little medical and health care facilities. Universal health care has changed the lives of such people, and this is how universal health care is making the world a better place with healthy people.

Health care is a human right, and it should be provided to all human beings. Many people die globally because of the lack of financial help, or because they don’t have the means to access it. Billions of people are not able to access primary health care facilities, leading to many deaths.

Significance of Universal Health Care Coverage

Countries like Southeast Asia and Africa suffer the most when it comes to healthcare facilities, as most of the people there are not even able to avail of basic healthcare facilities. They either have to take loans in order to avail of basic health care, or they have to sell their assets, just in order to get themselves checked. How miserable it is that you are not able to pay just for you and your children’s basic health care!

Universal health care coverage is very important and this facility should be available in every country. Every government should take part in giving the best health care facilities to its people, if not; basic health care must be a facility which everybody can avail them. Here are some of the important points, which show how significant and crucial it is to have Universal Health Care;

No One should be Empty Handed when Sick

Health care facilities should not be so expensive that an ordinary man goes bankrupt just because of the health care for his family. Costly health care facilities have proved to be the main reason ` for poverty in the nations. Government should take such measures that the basic health care facilities are affordable for every common man in the country. 

Universal Health Care Coverage is Achievable

Many countries are trying to bring Health Care Coverage to their people, and even the poorest countries are taking measures to ensure that common people are able to achieve basic health care facilities. According to the latest surveys, out of the seventy countries that have laws for Universal Health Care, almost thirty countries are one of the poorest, but still are passing laws for Universal Health Care. 

Universal Health Coverage can stop the Universal Killers

There are many diseases that have the same reckless and hazardous effects no matter, what country you are in. these diseases include tuberculosis, HIV, AIDS, which are communicable diseases, and have a high spread rate. All these years and we have not been able to eradicate these deadly diseases from our lives. 

Other than that cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease are found in almost all parts of the world. These diseases might not be as lethal as those mentioned above, but they definitely are the silent killers. Though you might not be able to transfer those directly to other people, these silent killers take away the essence of the lie.

Health Care isn’t a Privilege, it is a Right!

The World Health Organization has added basic health care in the Human Rights, which means that it is our basic human right to avail the basic health care facilities, no matter what part of the world you live in. 

There are numerous countries that have added basic health care and medical facilities in their laws and constitutions. They have thus signed for a healthier community and a healthy community is more productive than a non-healthy community, thus they have ultimately signed up for a better economy.

Universal Health care coverage holds great significance in the development and building of a strong economy. A healthy community is the building block of a strong community and a healthier economy.

What are the Objectives of the Universal Health Care Coverage?

The main objective of Universal Health Care is that all the communities are able to avail these basic health care facilities, which is the right of the people living in a community. Universal Health Care aims to end the hardships that come in the way of people while availing the basic necessities of life. 

Not being able to access health care just because of the financial burden, or hardships is the most miserable thing in the world. Universal Health Care intends to end this by giving this facility to all the people present in the community.

The main objectives of Universal Health Care are as follows;

Quality Health Care

Quality health care is a big blessing. Universal Health Care aims at providing the best Health Care to the people who are able to avail this facility so that an improvement is seen in their health and medical condition. 

The quality of the health care should be such that the one availing of this facility brings improvement in their health; otherwise what is even the purpose of giving this facility in the first place. 

Protection against Financial Hardships

The health care facilities should not be so costly that people who avail these facilities go bankrupt after accessing this. There is no point in giving health care facilities if they are not affordable. The essence of this measure will be lost if it is not being able to serve its true purpose.

Therefore, Universal Health Care’s main aim is to provide affordable health care services to almost all the people in the community.

Equity in Access of the Health Care Services

One of the main objectives of Universal health care Coverage is to provide health care facilities to almost all the people of the community. The poor people of any community are the ones who suffer and face financial hardships in availing of the medical facilities; they must be a part of the community who can access these facilities.

Universal Health Care Coverage tries hard to provide the basic necessities of health care to every class of the community, making Health Care Coverage, a right for all.

Over to you!

Universal Health Care is the human right of all the people of the community, and quality health care services should be provided equitably to all the members of the community!

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